March 1991

Adobe Illustrator┬« is a graphic design and illustration program for generating high- quality artwork. Because it harnesses the power of Display POSTSCRIPT(tm), the same high-quality text and graphics you create on your NeXT Computer’s screen will faithfully reproduce on your NeXT printer.

Adobe Illustrator has a variety of sophisticated features for creating advanced illustrations. You can start from scratch with the freehand and pen tools, and draw with more precision than you ever imagined. Or begin with existing artwork by automatically tracing scanned images. From there, text and graphics can be easily transformed for artistic and perspective effects. Adobe Illustrator’s multiple zoom levels allows you to examine your illustration from the big picture to the smallest detail.

Illustrator is thus described in a March 1989 document, and betas were publicly shown in that year, but apparently the release version — numbered 3 in sync with other platforms — did not appear until early 1991. The package installer on at least one disk is dated June of 1991.

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